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    Magnetic Levitation

    • An Amazing Invention, and a Patent Failure: Part one of two parts: The invention.
      (The Providence Journal, September 22, 1999). IT'S AN EXTRAORDINARY SIGHT - a magnetic top spinning, bobbing and weaving in space for two minutes or longer. It remains levitated two or three inches above a larger base magnet. The top is not touching any other object, and no strings, electricity or other devices are used.

    • The Patent that Failed
      (The Providence Journal, September 23, 1999) Second of two parts. In 1993 Seattle entrepreneur Bill Hones ran across a 10-year-old U.S. patent des cribing a device for levitating a spinning permanent magnet. Hones contacted Roy Harrigan, the inven tor, to ask about it. Harrigan assured him that the magnet really does levitate. To prove it he sent Hones a videotape showing an actual working model.

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